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Tunis Керамогранит многоцветный (C-TU4R012D) 42х42

Штора для ванной комнаты Ridder Tunis, цвет: бежевый, коричневый, 180 х 200 см

Штора для ванной комнаты Ridder "Tunis", изготовленная из текстиля с антигрибковым и антистатическим покрытием, отлично дополнит любой интерьер ванной комнаты. Нижний кант утяжелен каучуковой лентой. Машинная стирка. Глажка при низкой температуре. Кольца не входят в комплект. Рекомендуем!

2698 RUR

Ridder похожие


Francois Comelin Voyage pour la redemption des captifs, aux royaumes d'Alger et de Tunis

Полный вариант заголовка: «Voyage pour la redemption des captifs, aux royaumes d'Alger et de Tunis : fait en 1720 / par les PP. Francois Comelin, Philemon de la Motte, & Joseph Bernard de l''Ordre de la sainte Trinite, dits Mathurins».




Блузка женская Concept Club Tunis, цвет: черный. 10200260329_100. Размер S (44)

Блузка женская Concept Club Tunis, цвет: черный. 10200260329_100. Размер M (46)

Tunis Керамогранит многоцветный (C-TU4R452D) 42х42

Площадь в упаковке 1.4100 кв.м.

729 RUR

Cersanit похожие


Блузка женская Concept Club Tunis, цвет: черный. 10200260329_100. Размер L (48)

Tunis: Road Map

Издание представляет собой карту дорог Туниса (масштаб 1:700000). Включает указатель населенных пунктов, аэропортов, достопримечательностей и другую полезную информацию для туристов. Формат карты в развернутом виде: 84 см х 127 см.

405 RUR



Шляпа женская Canoe Tunis, цвет: бирюзовый. 1963706. Размер 56

Летняя женская шляпа Canoe, выполненная из соломы, станет незаменимым аксессуаром для пляжа и отдыха на природе.Плетение шляпы обеспечивает необходимую вентиляцию и комфорт даже в самый знойный день. Стильная шляпа подчеркнет вашу неповторимость и дополнит ваш образ.

700 RUR

Canoe похожие


Khaled Ghedira Constraint Satisfaction Problems. CSP Formalisms and Techniques

A Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) consists of a set of variables, a domain of values for each variable and a set of constraints. The objective is to assign a value for each variable such that all constraints are satisfied. CSPs continue to receive increased attention because of both their high complexity and their omnipresence in academic, industrial and even real-life problems. This is why they are the subject of intense research in both artificial intelligence and operations research. This book introduces the classic CSP and details several extensions/improvements of both formalisms and techniques in order to tackle a large variety of problems. Consistency, flexible, dynamic, distributed and learning aspects are discussed and illustrated using simple examples such as the n-queen problem. Contents 1. Foundations of CSP. 2. Consistency Reinforcement Techniques. 3. CSP Solving Algorithms. 4. Search Heuristics. 5. Learning Techniques. 6. Maximal Constraint Satisfaction Problems. 7. Constraint Satisfaction and Optimization Problems. 8. Distibuted Constraint Satisfaction Problems. About the Authors Khaled Ghedira is the general managing director of the Tunis Science City in Tunisia, Professor at the University of Tunis, as well as the founding president of the Tunisian Association of Artificial Intelligence and the founding director of the SOIE research laboratory. His research areas include MAS, CSP, transport and production logistics, metaheuristics and security in M/E-government. He has led several national and international research projects, supervised 30 PhD theses and more than 50 Master’s theses, co-authored about 300 journal, conference and book research papers, written two text books on metaheuristics and production logistics and co-authored three others.

7610.7 RUR



Slim Hammadi Multimodal Transport Systems

The use and management of multimodal transport systems, including car-pooling and goods transportation, have become extremely complex, due to their large size (sometimes several thousand variables), the nature of their dynamic relationships as well as the many constraints to which they are subjected. The managers of these systems must ensure that the system works as efficiently as possible by managing the various causes of malfunction of the transport system (vehicle breakdowns, road obstructions, accidents, etc.). The detection and resolution of conflicts, which are particularly complex and must be dealt with in real time, are currently processed manually by operators. However, the experience and abilities of these operators are no longer sufficient when faced with the complexity of the problems to be solved. It is thus necessary to provide them with an interactive tool to help with the management of disturbances, enabling them to identify the different disturbances, to characterize and prioritize these disturbances, to process them by taking into account their specifics and to evaluate the impact of the decisions in real time. Each chapter of this book can be broken down into an approach for solving a transport problem in 3 stages, i.e. modeling the problem, creating optimization algorithms and validating the solutions. The management of a transport system calls for knowledge of a variety of theories (problem modeling tools, multi-objective problem classification, optimization algorithms, etc.). The different constraints increase its complexity drastically and thus require a model that represents as far as possible all the components of a problem in order to better identify it and propose corresponding solutions. These solutions are then evaluated according to the criteria of the transport providers as well as those of the city transport authorities. This book consists of a state of the art on innovative transport systems as well as the possibility of coordinating with the current public transport system and the authors clearly illustrate this coordination within the framework of an intelligent transport system. Contents 1. Dynamic Car-pooling, Slim Hammadi and Nawel Zangar. 2. Simulation of Urban Transport Systems, Christian Tahon, Thérèse Bonte and Alain Gibaud. 3. Real-time Fleet Management: Typology and Methods, Frédéric Semet and Gilles Goncalves. 4. Solving the Problem of Dynamic Routes by Particle Swarm, Mostefa Redouane Khouahjia, Laetitia Jourdan and El Ghazali Talbi. 5. Optimization of Traffic at a Railway Junction: Scheduling Approaches Based on Timed Petri Nets, Thomas Bourdeaud’huy and Benoît Trouillet. About the Authors Slim Hammadi is Full Professor at the Ecole Centrale de Lille in France, and Director of the LAGIS Team on Optimization of Logistic systems. He is an IEEE Senior Member and specializes in distributed optimization, multi-agent systems, supply chain management and metaheuristics. Mekki Ksouri is Professor and Head of the Systems Analysis, Conception and Control Laboratory at Tunis El Manar University, National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT) in Tunisia. He is an IEEE Senior Member and specializes in control systems, nonlinear systems, adaptive control and optimization. The multimodal transport network customers need to be oriented during their travels. A multimodal information system (MIS) can provide customers with a travel support tool, allowing them to express their demands and providing them with the appropriate responses in order to improve their travel conditions. This book develops methodologies in order to realize a MIS tool capable of ensuring the availability of permanent multimodal information for customers before and while traveling, considering passengers mobility.

10548.43 RUR




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